Product description

Our Pure Sateen collection features a mercerized Supima sateen, woven for a distinguishing sheen and for a luxurious feel. Sleek and minimal, this duvet cover is designed with as few visible stitches as possible, enhancing a sense of calm in the bedroom.

The Magniberg collection offers exquisite bedwear, made with premium materials in a wide range of colours, textures, and materials. Magniberg encourages you to express your personal style by combining various colours and materials when dressing your bed.


  • Made in Portugal
  • 100% mercerized Supima cotton
  • Woven with 500 thread count
  • OEKO-TEX® certified textile
  • Folded and shipped in a recycled cardboard box
  • Produced in: Portugal
  • Weight: g/pcs
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Care instructions accessories

Regular cleaning is important in order to keep the accessories looking their best and to prolong their life. Dust and dirt wear down the textile and also reduce its fire-retardant properties.

  • Magniberg care instructions

    We create bedwear with longevity, based on craftsmanship and a pure passion for textiles. We encourage our customers to wash our garments in colder temperatures to be gentle on the environment and to make them last even longer. We advise our customers to wash all our bedwear at 40°C and to hang dry. It will make the fabrics last longer and maintain its natural lustre. It is possible to tumble dry at medium heat and to wash at 60°C or warmer, but we advise our customers only to do it if hard stains occur, or under special circumstances such as post a viral disease. By washing at 40 and let hang dry you produce 4 times less CO2 than by washing in 60 and tumble dry. Our style Nude in organic jersey should be washed separate or with similar colours. The style is garment dyed to achieve a certain look, due to this garment dyed process it will bleed in wet conditions. For our decorative styles “Nude Metallic” and “Rose” we advise you to hand wash or dry clean.