Johannes Torpe, creative director of Bang & Olufsen

Copenhagen, Denmark
Shanghai, China

Upholstery textiles for furniture and wall panels: Plot, Primus, Tempo, Haze and Star.
Speaker panels: Blitz, Remix and Waterborn.

Bang & Olufsen flagship concept stores

Kvadrat textiles have been chosen by Bang & Olufsen for their new flagship concept stores. In 2013, these opened in Copenhagen and Shanghai. More are planned for major cities across the world.

The new stores are designed by Johannes Torpe, the creative director of Bang & Olufsen, and his design team. They combine top-quality design and sound to create luxurious, mood-changing experiences, which encourage visitors to explore and play with different products.

Speaker walls upholstered with textile are at the heart of the concept stores. Visitors are invited to flip over panels to reveal hidden speakers for different sound experiences. Each store also offers a demonstration zone, which features a rotating stage on which visitors can interact with state-of-the-art TVs and speakers mounted on individual walls.

A variety of textile combinations and usages have been implemented throughout the flagship concept stores; including grey shades of BlitzRemix and Waterborn for speaker panelling. Unicoloured versions of PlotPrimusTempoHaze and Star were used for wall panelling and seating upholstery.

When designing the concept stores, we put the importance of our expertise within sound at first priority, and chose to cover the walls with fabric. Both to get the best acoustic result, but also to create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere. Kvadrat was the chosen fabric supplier to work with because we are both Danish and share the same values of design and craftmanship,’ Johannes Torpe, creative director of Bang & Olufsen

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