Business Academy Aarhus

Kvadrat upholstery textiles have been chosen for most of the furniture in the new department of Business Academy Aarhus. The 7000 square metre building is one of Aarhus’s large zero-energy buildings.

Business Academy Aarhus has been designed to offer an inspirational educational environment based on: class teaching, dialogue, project work and cooperation with the business sector. It is the headquarters for the academy’s post-school education and course activities, and also offers educational programmes in digital and multimedia design. The four-storey, brass-fronted building has been built to meet 2020 energy standards. Reflecting this, the roof is covered by 900 square metres of solar panels. Inside there are 20 classrooms and a canteen.

Most of the standard furniture, and all the custom-made furniture, is upholstered with Kvadrat textiles in a wide variety of designs: CodaDivinaDivina MDHallingdalHermodHighfieldJumperMatrixRemixScubaSteelcut TrioTonica and Tonus

We wanted Kvadrat textiles to ensure we got excellent aesthetic quality, colour, variety, durability and ease-of maintenance. For the classrooms we used a harmonic colour scheme, using colours such as Lime, Ocean, Petrol and Midnight. These were applied on the walls and via Kvadrat textiles on custom-designed benches. By utilising the same colour in different saturations in each classroom, we managed to create a calm mood for learning while introducing interesting combinations of textiles. For the common areas we used a more vibrant palette,’ Lotte Kirkegaard Jensen, Architect at Formsprog

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