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Amsterdam, Holland


Upholstery textiles Canvas 2 and Remix 3
Rugs Kanon and Wire Gentle

Hearts and Crafts

The redesigned Amsterdam offices for Richemont, which span three canal houses, incorporate Kvadrat rugs and wall coverings and furniture upholstered with Kvadrat textiles. These elements are specified to match the colour concept by M+R architects, which builds on historical research into the site.

Kanon and Wire Gentle, the Kvadrat rugs, feature on the parquet floors in the conference rooms on the first floor. Meanwhile, Canvas and Remix are used for durable acoustic wall coverings and Zeitraum seating, benches, and telephone booths.

The rugs and textiles reflect themes that define the interior concept: sustainable materials, timeless longevity, neutral colours, and exquisite attention to detail. Furthermore, the wall coverings also help meet the goal of achieving an acoustically comfortable, peaceful environment.

Hans Maréchal, owner M+R interior architecture : "The interior design is based on natural warm beige colours while furniture is made of sustainable wood, brass and marble. The interior is in line with Richemont's vision; quality, careful detailing and craftsmanship. The Kvadrat upholstery and carpets fit in beautifully with this."

The site features a monumental 18th century interior mainly in Louis XIV style and an office building that was completed mid last century. Custom elements play a central role throughout, ranging from the cabinets containing plants to specially designed iconography created by M+R.

Richemont is the owner of prestigious Maisons, renowned for their excellence in jewellery, watches, and fashion. Together, they are celebrated for their heritage, craftsmanship and creativity.

Photography: Herman de Winter

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