Heyligers d+p

Leiden, Netherlands


Lounge chairs upholstered in DivinaDivina MDDivina Melange and Tonus. Office furniture upholstered with Plot and RemixBasel in the meeting and boardrooms.

In at the deep

The interior concept for the 22,800 sqm premises by Heylingers d+p is based on the seven seas of the world. Kvadrat textiles are used mainly in tones that match the marine concept, but also in some highlight colours too. DivinaDivina MDDivina Melange and Tonus feature on lounge chairs, while assorted office furniture is upholstered with Plot and Remix – which is also used on the restaurant chairs. Basel is specified for the meeting and boardrooms.

Every floor has its own sea, which is brought to life with a unique carpet together with a specific range of colours and materials.

Kvadrat textiles were the basis for our colour and texture scheme. The variation of structure, colour and density they provide made it possible to create an individual identity for every sea,” Lonneke Leijnse, Heyligers d+p

Sustainably designed, the headquarters has earned an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM NL new building certificate.

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) is a world-leading marine contractor in the international offshore oil and gas and renewables industry. The company moved into a new 12-storey headquarters in the Leiden Central Business District (CBD) in late 2017. In addition to diverse office spaces, the building feature a ‘plaza’, entrance/reception area and canteen, sports facility, conference centre, simulation room and bars. 

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