LBB3 Architecture Studio

Hjørring, Denmark

Upholstery textiles: Remix
Curtains: Divina and Divina Melange

Hjørring Cityhall

LBB3 architects have chosen Kvadrat textiles for the new Hjørring City Hall. They have used the fabrics to help
realise a concept, which combines graphics and colours to represent the municipality of Hjørring as a whole.

The 15,000 square metre building accommodates the City Council, as well as 600 employees. Its light and open interior is designed to project vitality and warmth, while proving a functional, high-quality working environment.

The décor inside the building is mainly in bright or neutral colours. These were chosen by LBB3 to enhance spatial experience and support floor-specific ‘wilderness’ themes. Some walls are painted in colours that exactly match the natural environments these themes are based on.

The meeting rooms vary in size and style, as they are required for a wide-variety of different types of meeting. In addition to these rooms and other working spaces, there are also areas that offer lounge furniture, café tables with high stools, and high-backed sofas for informal encounters.

Divina and Divina Melange, in a variety of green shades, are used as curtains in the Council Chamber. The curtains surround the outer area of the room – creating an effect that is like being in a clearing in the woods during springtime. Divina and Divina Melange are also used in several meeting rooms. Furthermore, the front sides of 450 chairs at the City Hall are upholstered with Remix in black, green and orange shades.

Our priority was Kvadrat textiles because of their very high quality, fantastic service and dialog during the working phase, and last, but not least, because they are Danish products.

I have always been very fond of Divina and therefore this was a fantastic opportunity to use this upholstery textile for curtains. The flat and beautiful Remix was a very natural choice – it has a wide colour selection and the structure is perfect,
’ Hanne Lind Bonderup, partner at LBB3 Architecture Studio

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