Keiji Ashizawa Design and Norm Architects
Tokyo, Japan
Furniture upholstered with Coda, Maple and Hallingdal
Curtains crafted from Ginger

Intimate shadows

Azabu residence, a case study by Karimoku Furniture in collaboration with Keiji Ashizawa Design and Norm Architects, is a renovated luxurious private apartment in Tokyo’s Azabu district.  It integrates a rich assortment of custom furniture pieces and Kvadrat upholstery and curtain textiles.
The interior combines Japanese and Scandinavian design principles and is inspired by American and Brazilian mid-century modernism. Reflecting this, a shared belief in the use of natural materials and muted colours can be seen throughout the home, including on the Kvadrat textiles – which are specified in subtle tones that complement the home’s signature dark wood elements.
At the apartment, a selection of the custom pieces by Norm architects are upholstered with Kvadrat textiles. The N-S02 custom modular sofa in the sitting room is upholstered with Coda, while the accompanying N-SC01 side chair is covered with Maple. The dining room chairs, which like the dining table, are also crafted from dark wood, are also upholstered with Maple.
In addition, curtains made from Ginger support another key aim of the designers – to establish a calm, soothing environment that enhances and embraces the intimacy of shadows. This vision was inspired by the well-known Japanese book by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, “In Praise of Shadows”.
Frederik Werner, Norm Architects: “With the use of stone, dark wood and textured textiles, the interior plays on inspiration from mid-century American Modernism. The living areas with a small bar niche, the open plan kitchen, lush carpets, and bulky, comfortable furniture draws inspiration from an array of elements – from the Japanese inspired Schindler House in Los Angles to the extravagant New York apartments featured in the series Mad Men.”

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