LG (Yoonyoung Cho, Bobby Ryu)
Seoul, Republic of Korea
LG projectors finished in Re-Wool and Canvas


LG have chosen Kvadrat textiles to add luxurious elegance to their range of 4K CineBeam HU915Q and HU715Q projectors, which feature a minimalistic design reminiscent of compact furniture.

The front covers of the projectors are constructed from Re-wool or Canvas. The choice of Kvadrat Re-wool for the HU915Q, a premium UST projector, enables consumers to introduce a responsible textile made from 45% recycled wool into their homes.

In all, the textile front covers are available in a scale of timeless colours: beige and black for the HU915Q, and grey, pink and green for the HU715Q (Colours may vary by country). These nuances complement the simple design of the projectors and offer consumers a versatile choice of tones to introduce into their homes.

Both projectors are designed to seamlessly blend into contemporary interiors and minimise distractions while utilising cutting-edge 4K technology to deliver a cinematic viewing experience. The LG CineBeam HU715Q is a winner of the 2022 iF Design Award.

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