Lindley Lindenberg Hotel

Lindley Lindenberg, a guest community that hosts long-term tenants and overnight guests who share living space, incorporates a selection of textiles from Kvadrat and Kinnasand. These are employed in the private rooms and communal areas, including the restaurant.

Remix and Steelcut Trio are used to upholster furniture designed by Studio Aberja. Curtains crafted from Noon, Relax and Twilight by Kinnasand also feature throughout the premises. All the textiles are specified according to the subtle colour scheme, which emphasises the sense of space.

Juliane Maier: “The curtains and upholsteries from Kvadrat and Kinnasand just perfectly match the palette and work great with the other materials chosen for the interiors. We very much appreciate the broad variety and quality of the Kvadrat collection, and we aimed to incorporate the textiles wherever possible.”

The design concept for Lindley Lindenberg is inspired by an imagined flowing between the decorative playfulness of Art Nouveau and the new sobriety of Art Deco. Reflecting this, the interior is characterised by high ceilings, generous windows, precise lines, arches and patterns, and an eclectic mix of high-quality natural materials.

Lindley Lindenberg has been recognised with the ADC Award Bronze 2020 and the German Design Award 2021. The building has also been nominated as a Hotelimmobilie des Jahres 2019 Finalist and for the 2020 AHEAD awards.

Photography: Steve Herud

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