DEGW architects

Milan, Italy


Soft Cells panels to optimise acoustic conditions. Curtains made from Ginger 2 and Twilight

Microsoft HQ

For the new Italian Microsoft headquarters DEGW architects chose to install Soft Cells panels in all the meeting rooms to ensure optimal acoustic conditions. In the high ceiling windows the curtains are made from Ginger 2, while curtains crafted Twilight used as separation between different zones.

We chose Kvadrat for the high-quality of their textiles and the wide range of possibilities for personalising and integrating different design solutions for interior projects,” Dominico D’Alessio, Strategist & Marketing Manager, Lombardini22.

Designed by Herzog & de Meuron on behalf of the Feltrinelli Group in the Porta Volta district, the building, features interiors created by DEGW. The concept for these has its roots in the Microsoft values: openness, visibility, flexibility, energy, dynamism and innovation.

The project is part of a venture Microsoft Italia first began several years ago in the name of a ‘New World of Work’. This is an approach that involves greater staff flexibility, as well as the use of functional and technologically innovative spaces to optimise productivity and collaboration.

In addition, conceived to create a harmonious balance with the exterior of Microsoft House and Milan’s historical heritage, the interiors give priority to Italian tastes and natural materials. Customised social hubs, which focus on sport, nature and the city are also key features of the headquarters.

Microsoft is a world-leading developer, manufacturer, licensor and seller of software and consumer electronics. In 2017 the company’s moved into new Italian headquarters in downtown Milan.

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