ZENBER Architecten

World Trade Centre, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Kvadrat Febrik upholstery textile: Triangle
Kvadrat upholstery textile: Steelcut Trio

Sounds Comfortable

Sound-absorbent sofas and coupe seats at the Utrecht offices of Navigant are upholstered in Kvadrat Febrik textiles. Specified in colours that match the company’s identity, they support the sustainable-design goals of achieving BREEAM certification and meeting the WELL Building Standard™.

The soft furniture is designed by ZENBER Architecten and custom-made by Van Assem Interieurbouw. The sofas feature a sound-absorbent backrest covered with the textile Triangle or a standard backrest upholstered with Steelcut TrioTriangle is also used for the coupe seats, which have sound-absorbent sides and bases.

In addition to the goal of ‘sustainable materialisation’, the upholstery textiles support another core ambition behind the interior concept: to deliver a representative, invigorating environment, characterised by flexible workspaces, which maximises collaboration.

Navigant Consulting is a management consultancy firm. It has offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

Ingrid Heijne, ZENBER Architecten: “Our interior architects love the 3-dimensionality of the Kvadrat Febrik fabrics. The knitted textiles are soft and tactile, and the play of light and shadow they create adds a sense of depth - an extra dimension. Also, the architectonic rhythm they offer is much appreciated.

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