Interior: Quub interior concepts
Architecture: Hooge Twee architects

Arnhem, The Netherlands


Kvadrat textiles: Tonus and Remix; Kvadrat Danskina rug: Lucky

Ripple Effect

The houseboat, a private residence on the River Rhine close to Arnhem, incorporates a selection of Kvadrat textiles and rugs. They form part of the site-specific interior concept for the home, which builds on themes of water, weight, balance and sustainability.

Slow chairs by Vitra are upholstered in Tonus while custom units fabricated by Arco are covered in a special version of Remix. Lucky, a Kvadrat Danskina rug, features in the main communal space.

Quub interior concepts: “For 20 years we have worked with Kvadrat. The company is great in all aspects of what we value most: design, quality, reliability and communication. Above all, the colour range is the most important reason to choose Kvadrat products.

As weight and balance are critical on houseboats, much of the furniture was custom-built. Going down this route also enabled Quub Interior Concepts to precisely translate the context of the location, such as the ripples of the river, into the experience of the rooms.

The spacious, light-filled residence also features a self-sufficient energy system. A completely local project, it received an honourable mention from at the 2018 Heuvelink architecture prize.

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