Adjaye Associates, London

London, United Kingdom

Upholstery textiles for furniture and wall panels: Divina MD, Divina Melange.

Roksanda Llincic Flagship Store

Kvadrat textiles are used in the upstairs shop area, as well as the downstairs VIP and office spaces at the Roksanda Ilincic flagship store.

Designed by Adjaye Associates, the shop is situated in a grade II listed building in Mayfair, London. In order to preserve the historic fabric of the building, the store has been realised as a box within the original frame. The original shop window remains and there is a new glass screen behind it, which marks the beginning of the new contemporary space.

The design concept is inspired by Roksanda Ilincic’s collection. It draws on a play of geometries and symmetries. In the shop upstairs, the walls comprise staggered concrete slabs that repeat as forms for plinths. The layering is irregular, giving the impression of a rhythmic threedimensional pattern.

In the shop, the mainly neutral colour palette is complemented with bursts of colour and mirrored surfaces, which guide visitors. The VIP and office spaces downstairs contrast with this. They combine vibrant blocks of colours – the walls are covered with fabric panels – and soft finishes.
Each room has its own hue inspired by the collection.

Divina MD and Divina Melange are used for the seating in the shop, as well as the VIP and office spaces. They are also used on wall panels.

The collaboration with Kvadrat enabled us to push the aesthetic for these spaces. We successfully created an immersive environment that offers a multi-sensual counterpoint to the public areas upstairs.’

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