Space Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark


Curtains made from TwilightDawn and NoonFiord features on the headboards, bedframes and chairs in the guest rooms. Fiord and Sunniva, on assorted furniture in public spaces. 

SAS Blu Royal hotel

Famously, the entire SAS Blu Royal hotel in Copenhagen building – from the exterior façade to the cutlery and the Egg and Swan chairs in the lobby – was designed by Arne Jacobsen. The hotel has now been refurbished with the goal of retaining his spirit while modernising the interior.

Space Copenhagen is behind the redesign of the hotel, which originally opened in 1960. The project involves the renovation of 259 guest rooms and suites, the lobby and meeting rooms, as well as the introduction of a new restaurant.

For the refurbishment they chose curtains made from Twilight, in a colour that matches the outside of the building, and dim-out Dawn.  Noon is used for sheer curtains. 

Fiord features on the headboards, bedframes and chairs in the guest rooms. It is also used, together with Sunniva, on assorted furniture in public spaces. 

To emphasise our focus on quality, refined detailing and strong, modern design, it was an obvious choice for us to work with Kvadrat textiles for both curtains and upholstery in this project. It was important to us to secure a beautiful, as well as a durable, long lasting solution. Also, Kvadrat succeeds magnificently in reflecting not just a passion for design and quality, but also in embedding genuine, holistic values into their products and designs,’ Signe Bindslev Henriksen & Peter Bundgaard Rützou, Founders, Space Copenhagen

Several iconic design pieces, such as the Egg and Drop chairs, have been reintroduced at the hotel, alongside new custom furniture. Some are subtly updated, such as the bespoke Swan chairs, which are raised to match slightly elevated boardroom tables.

Many original features have also been returned by Space Copenhagen. For instance, marble floors have been reinstalled across the ground floor, while the hotel’s suspended spiral staircase has been restored with reintroduced details, such as a leather-wrapped handrail.

In the refurbished lobby, furniture takes centre-stage. Here, a bar and retail space have been removed to give greater emphasis to the reception desk and create new zones where guests can work or socialise.

The warm, friendly guest rooms offer upholstered beds and furniture, as well as plenty of rich wooden surfaces. Both the restaurant and bar have been redesigned to be more informal. They include flexible seating, as well Jacobsen’s Mayor sofa and Giraffe dining table.

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