Scott Tallon Walker Architects

Dublin, Ireland

Upholstery textile: Remix, Steelcut, Pause and Lazio

The Gibson Hotel

Kvadrat textiles have been chosen for virtually all the furnishings and window treatments throughout Dublin’s edgy and cool Gibson Hotel. The hotel is different from any other in the city: it sits over a retail and restaurant complex and features double-height public areas on the 3rd floor, which offer amazing views of the city. The design of the hotel reflects it’s close proximity to the ‘The Point’, a large entertainment venue.

The restaurant is situated in the warren of narrow streets around the Forbidden City. It features a starkly elegant bar and lounge, as well as a cathedral-like main room, where the towering ceiling, full-length windows and minimalist, secluded dining-niches create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere.

Kvadrat textiles are used on almost all the furnishings and windows. Remix, Steelcut and Lazio feature on the furnishings in the public areas. In addition, Kvadrat’s textile Pause in a cream colour is used for the avenue, and a plum coloured installation of Pause is placed over the bar and the restaurant. This creates a dramatic aesthetic and assists with acoustics.

‘We have used Kvadrat fabrics over the years and love specifying them. I think a lot of Kvadrat’s fabrics appeal to designers and architects in particular because of the nice simple textures, great range of colours, and, of course, the durability. Most of Kvadrat’s fabric ranges have a lasting quality about them; sophisticated with a bit of an edge.

We also find that the people who work with the fabrics, such as curtain makers and upholsterers like using them. And, not to forget, Kvadrat provides a great service. We never have a problem getting hold of anyone at Kvadrat, if we need to get information or samples. Kvadrat will do specials, and availability and delivery has almost never been a problem. We always look forward to the sales representative coming around to show us the latest products; it gets us excited thinking about where we could use them,’ Deirdre Whelan, Scott Tallon Walker Architects

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