Ningbo, China


Kvadrat curtains Zone, Crop, Cracks and the Kvadrat rug Kanon Pattern Plow are specified in diverse spaces.

Work-life balance

Kvadrat curtains and rugs are specified at the China offices of LWPD (Lin Weiping Design) to support the vision of a practical yet inspiring space which subverts traditional thinking about work environments. The project provides a compelling environment for conventional office activities and hosting social events, like parties and afternoon tea.

The offices are characterised by a welcoming minimalistic aesthetic, which nods to the company's values and works to keep people relaxed and happy. Texture, in particular, plays a crucial role in shaping the comforting, subtly energising experience of the interior – an approach underlined by the specification of the Kvadrat curtains and rug.

Providing control over daylight and a sense of airy, artistic refinement, the curtain Zone features in an office and a meeting room; Crop hangs in a further reception room, while translucent Cracks drapes over another meeting room's large windows. Meanwhile, the rug Kanon Pattern Plow brings an extra dimension of tactility to the experience of the offices.

All the curtains and rugs are specified to harmonise with the black, white, and grey interior scale. The textiles and furniture are colour-coordinated with the materials. They also complement the design focus on artistic touches and simple points, lines, and surfaces.

Lin Weiping, Founder of LWPD: " Kvadrat products not only meet my functional needs for curtains and carpets; they also have beauty and artistic appeal. Carefully designed to ensure durability, they offer great flexibility in terms of colour, pattern, and material.

Semi-open and collaborative meeting spaces at the offices pursue functional perfection without too much formalisation. Visual transparency helps ensure people enjoy an efficient and comfortable working experience and a quiet atmosphere where work and life gradually intertwine.

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