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At Hyatt’s Zurich office, a broad assortment of Kvadrat upholsteries and curtains are specified together with Weave Radiant Panels. They contribute to a homely, acoustically optimised atmosphere reminiscent of the group's hotels.

The upholstery textiles feature on a range of furniture. Specifically, Fiord, Jaali and Remix are used on pouffes; lounge seats are finished in Razzle Dazzle; and Rime and Remix are employed on meeting room chairs.

Fabricated walls upholstered with Steelcut Trio and Field 2 also play a defining role at the office. Complementing these textiles, Weave Radiant Textile panels and curtains crafted from Panorama and Drops Acoustic elevate speech intelligibility and promote wellbeing.

Furthermore, a wall constructed from Uniform Melange by Febrik acts as a signature element at the office. It has a chainmail-like expression and offers a subtly shimmering optical presence, which adds an extra dimension of vibrancy to the space.

Sebastian Zaune, Studio Alexander Fehre: "We chose Kvadrat products primarily because of the wide range of innovative colours and textile qualities, which made it possible to coordinate the many design elements optimally. With the Weave Radiant Panels, we also had the opportunity to integrate technical and acoustic requirements in the open-plan office in a visually appealing way. Our cooperation with Kvadrat is characterised by a strong understanding of critical details and the creative process."

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