ReThink is the sixth edition of Kvadrat’s Design Projects.
Through a series of works by 12 emerging and established creatives, ReThink explores the potential of our textiles as a medium for expression. The starting point has been a reflection on responsible design, and what it means to each of the participants.


Designers, artists, and architects were given free hand to utilise one or more of our recycled, regenerative, or circular products, either alone or in combination with others, to express their take on responsible design. From Iceland to Venezuela, Beijing to Brooklyn, the 12 participants responded with passion and ingenuity, drawing on diverse cultural and cross-disciplinary backgrounds. 


The outcome of the projects showcases diverse themes, including material innovation, community collaboration, the connection between design and sustainability, and circular design principles. From exploring alternatives in material use to fostering connections with local communities and nature, each project embodies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of responsible design. Ultimately, ReThink projects highlight how the many aspects of sustainability can shape design, spark material innovation, increase community collaboration and cultivate new aesthetic values. 


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