ReThink explores the future of textiles and interiors. The last year has confined us indoors and made us think differently about the spaces we inhabit, questioning priorities and foregrounding values such as health, nature, comfort, care and community, tactility, tranquillity and taking time. ReThink delves into this new interior world in the making and talks to the designers, thinkers and courageous free spirits leading the sea change.


Acoustic Design

Reflecting this, Kvadrat Soft Cells developed a special fitting so the light spots in the ceiling can be individually angled to accommodate the curvature of the ceiling as well as avoiding any reflection in the large window.

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The Great Indoors

The surprising science of how buildings shape our behaviour, health and happiness, Emily Anthes, science journalist (2020). If smart buildings are to capitalize on renewed relevance post-COVID, they’re going to need to get better at collecting and responding to our data.

Living in the mountains

Short / Nature

The Botanical Mind

If the pandemic has demonstrated anything it is that, even after an
Enlightenment of trying, mankind is not in control of nature. Camden Art Centre’s exhibition Botanical Mind: Art, Mysticism and The Cosmic Tree is one of a number of recent endeavours to refocus attention on mankind’s inescapable dependence upon the natural world and its unfathomed wonders.

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Short / Materials


Adolf Loos: American Bar, Vienna; Villa Müller; Bauer Villa in Hrušovany; Villa Wittgenstein, Vienna. Alvar Aalto: Nordic House in Rekyavik

Harry Pottcast | Podcast

Modern Nature

You could be forgiven for thinking from 2020’s astronomical sales of house
plants that the benefits of living with plants has only recently become
understood. Not so, as the design historian Penny Sparke demonstrates in her new book Nature Inside: Plants and Flowers in the Modern Interior; it has longnbeen known that plants make an indoor space more salubrious, although this is an aspect of interior design that often slips under the historian’s radar.

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Spirit of work

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