EPDs and LCA

Life cycle assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) enable us to provide you with information about the environmental impact of our products.​

An LCA highlights the environmental impact throughout the life time of a product. This also includes, for example, the assessment of the processing and manufacturing phases of a specific product. The total product life cycle assessment is generally split into five phases:​

1) Material phase​
2) Production phase​
3) Transport phase​
4) Usage phase​
5) Disposal phase or after life phase​

What impact does this safeguard

LCA is the backbone of every EPD. EPDs are key to driving more sustainable design. They enable us to provide our customers with information about the environmental impact of our products and can support with information on the products’ life cycle impact for green building rating systems such as LEED, WELL and BREEAM etc.​
When creating an EPD for a product, product specific category rules (PCRs) must be followed for impact calculations to allow for the comparison of similar products. An EPD is third-party verified, meaning data was collected and calculated in accordance with the applicable PCR and meets applicable ISO requirements. Making it possible to compare products based on similar criteria.​
We use EPDs to illuminate our products' environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Third-party verification of EPDs is key to easily translate LCA results into standardized, and comparable information. This allows professionals, architects, designers, and consumers to compare a product's environmental impact across its entire life cycle.

How do we work with third-party verified EPDs


In 2023, we launched third-party verified EPDs for 10 textile groups covering 93 of our best-selling textile products.​ Within our Kvadrat Shade, Kvadrat Acoustic, and Kvadrat Really collections we provide 13 products with third-party verified EPDs. 
​Our EPDs are developed according to the European standard EN 15804+A2: 2019, the product category rules of construction products. And are verified in accordance with ISO 14025.​
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