Introduction to Kvadrat Change Maker Networks: Headquarters

Change towards a more sustainable future cannot be achieved through the efforts of one department or one country but only through collective global action. We believe this will only be possible through empowerment and ownership. Therefore, as part of our sustainability strategy, we have introduced the Kvadrat Change Maker Networks concept. During 2021, we established three networks: one within our brands for our design teams; another for our global sales organisation; and a third for our colleagues based at our headquarters.

Meet Malene Borch – a Change Maker at the Kvadrat Headquarters, Ebeltoft. Malene Borch, Project manager of Strategic Procurement and Headquarters Change Maker, elaborates in the following on what it means to be a part of the Change Maker Network.

Malene has been a part of the Kvadrat Group for the past 6 years. After 5 years in Custom Made Products she is now working on one of our strategic projects - to incorporate Strategic Procurement into our organization.

Q: What is the Headquarters Change Maker Network and how does it create value in Kvadrat and beyond?

The Headquarters Change Maker Network is a group of one or two representatives from different teams in the organisation – who meet once every month to share information and discuss current and coming activities with our sustainable agenda. The overriding purpose of having the network is to ensure that our sustainability strategy and activities are anchored throughout the whole organisation.

Our ambitious sustainability strategy demands broad attention from the organisation to succeed in reaching our targets. The members of the Kvadrat Headquarters Change Maker Network play a valuable role as ambassadors of the strategy by inspiring, informing and influencing colleagues to change their mindset, behaviour and decisions.

Furthermore, I see the network as a small contribution from Kvadrat to fight the overall global climate challenge.

Q: How is the Change Maker Network creating value in your job?

With the Strategic Procurement project, we are working on optimizing processes around our purchase of products and services. With optimisation, we strive to obtain the best possible balance between price, quality, and sustainability. The Headquarters Change Maker Network creates important relations across the organization, which I make use of every day in working on projects like business travel, packaging material, purchase agreements, etc.

The Network expands my knowledge and focus on sustainability matters, it keeps me updated on current activities initiated by the different teams, and gives me valuable inspiration as well as information on market tendencies, new sustainability solutions and legal requirements.