Knitted textiles by Kvadrat Febrik

Kvadrat and Febrik joined forces in 2018. By bringing woven and knits together, pooling yarn knowledge and ideas, we offer a complete range of high-performing design textiles, innovation, aesthetic and functional excellence.

Reflecting this, the Kvadrat Febrik offering comprises meticulously crafted, characterful woven and knitted textiles for every conceivable space, concept and product.

Built on mutual expertise and visionary creativity, our textile collections elevate and complement each other. Perfectly suited for layering colours, our textiles provide an immersive scale of structures, textures and patterns, which range from discreet to dynamic.

Knitted textiles

Knits have a tactile, three-dimensional expression. Extremely comfortable and distinctive, they deliver excellent stretchability without the use of elastic yarn. This makes them ideal for upholstering organically shaped furniture.

Pronounced structures

Constructed with interlinked loops, knits offer structured surfaces and outstanding softness. They also create a captivating dialogue with the other textiles in the Kvadrat collection, as well as fashionable apparel. Indeed, there is an element of furniture ‘wearing’ knitted textiles.

Singular colours

Crafted with customised woollen yarns, the Kvadrat Febrik collection is characterised by a carefully curated palette. To emphasise the design vision of a balanced palette full of character, knitted surfaces offer endless blending possibilities within its structured layers.

Distinctive construction

Whereas woven textiles made using warp and weft threads, knitted textiles are constructed in a circular format – requiring thousands of fine needles. As a result, they are comparatively less stiff and feature a particularly multidimensional look.



Kvadrat Febrik’s collection is developed and manufactured in-house. This allow us great flexibility in terms of design possibilities and customizations, but also demands special focus on sustainable production.

The knits in the collection are crafted using special woollen yarns, which have been developed in-house. By carefully selecting the raw fibre, Kvadrat Febrik is able to offer the right quality: the selected wool is 100% natural grown year-round from Australian sheep, providing smooth, soft hair.

Developing contemporary knits with long-lasting appeal is just one outlet for being eco-conscious. In our vision, endurance goes beyond performance – evidence of which is found in a keen selection of contemporary knits that outlive fleeting trends.