Ara by Margrethe Odgaard

Ara is a vibrant upholstery textile by Margrethe Odgaard, which continues her exploration of innovative mélange expressions. The colour concept is inspired by tropical birds, which are celebrated for their vividly coloured plumage.

Unlike conventional mélanges which are made by blending fibres, Ara is crafted with solid dots of colour jacquard woven into a neutral background. The subtly energetic contrast between the sparks of colour and the ground gives Ara an eye-catching expression.

Margrethe Odgaard: “The colour concept is to let characterful, relatively classic base colours engage in dialogue with sparkling and colourful dots inspired by tropical birds. The fact that the vivid colours only serve their fullest on the back of the fabric, creates a fabric that appears exclusive as if it holds more than the immediate.”

Instead of being attached onto the surface of the textile, the dots are woven into the pattern, and will not wear away with use. Consequently, Ara offers strong durability and longevity, and is suitable for contract and residential usage.

Ara is produced at the Kvadrat production partner Innvik in Norway.

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