Kvadrat Fall launches 2021

This Fall, Kvadrat is set to shine new light on the vibrant dynamic between textiles, surfaces, constructions, and sustainable materials and processes, with the launch of an array of sensuous novelties: a curtain and an upholstery by Louise Sigvardt and an upholstery textile by Sylvain Willenz.

The new designs embody the values that Kvadrat stands for: visionary design, colour accuracy, engineering excellence, and outstanding functional performance. At the same time, they meet emerging demands from architects and designers. Notably, the desire for reduced-environmental-impact textiles, as well as the need for an aesthetic, durable, wipeable upholstery for architectural projects, hospitality venues, and a sophisticated blackout curtain for hotels.

Each textile design play with perception and explores a scale of sensorial dimensions from a compelling individual perspective, inviting consideration of the interaction between light and texture, the play between kinetic and static, and the spaces between tone and shade. Furthermore, the new textiles are all expressions of the close creative collaborations that Kvadrat is acclaimed for: Louise Sigvardt and Sylvain Willenz enjoy longstanding relationships with the brand.