ZOÍ Pavillion by Francis Kéré

Built for Tempelhof Refugee Shelter in Berlin in 2017, ZOÍ Pavillion transforms standardized solutions used for Refugee camps into unique spaces for interactions, leisure, and creativity. The public area in former Tempelhof airport in Berlin was transformed by Francis Kéré into a space for both refugees and Berliners to interact with. The pavilion is arranged in 24 modular wooden triangles forming a hexagonal base. 

In 2018, during Biennale di Architettura in Venice, Francis Kéré explored human reactions and interactions with a space intended to be open to free appropriations. In ZOÍ’s Venice arrangement, the pavilion has been re-designed to cut the hexagon in half, adding colorful cushions and opting for textile used as a roof and walls surrounding the visitors. 


Photo courtesy of Kéré Architecture Pavilion


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