Marc Thorpe Design

Marc Thorpe Design was founded in 2010 by architect and industrial designer Marc Thorpe. Thorpe is known internationally for his innovative and dynamic work, taking a rigorous approach to the integration of architecture, design and technology. The studio conceptualizes designs in various fields, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, furniture design, product design, retail and exhibit design.

The focus of Marc Thorpe design is in the systemic intersections a project presents. In order to discover a project’s potential, the studio works closely with clients and collaborators to foster new ideas, establish common vision and innovative strategies of approach to nurture the design process. The results are design solutions with the highest degree of precision, quality and character.

The studio offers itself as a system open to exchange. Thorpe has dedicated the studio to research, professional practice and education in the disciplines of architecture and design. Thorpe states, “We believe in a holistic design approach, which engages the social components of space and form.”

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