Klemens Schillinger | Divina Hangers

Using Kvadrat’s Divina fabric Klemens Schillinger has designed simple hangers to hold books, boards, or trays as occasional sideboards or shelves.

A sandcast aluminium bracket is fixed to the wall and a loop of fabric is hung onto it. Putting books, boards or tiles into the fabric loop tenses the fabric creating a storage space defined by the size of the books or other objects. When not in use the fabric drapes down leaving nothing but the textile visible.

The hangers not only illustrate the obvious visual and textural qualities of the Divina fabric, but also its flexibility and structural potential,” says Schillinger. “I wanted to fully focus on the fabric by making it the main visual and structural component.

Klemens Schillinger is an independent designer from Austria currently living and working in London. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art he has been working as a freelance designer for various design studios as well as carrying on with his own work. He has worked on projects for Airbus, RIM-Blackberry, and LG among others.

In general his work engages with art, design, craft, co-creation, ad-hocism, and DIY. His products revolve around transparency in terms of manufacture, clarity of form, material and content. He aims to develop simple yet carefully thought-out products, design methods and DIY recipes.