delangeléon | Character 1, Character 2, Character 3

Curated by Ilse Crawford

Léon de Lange tackles those spaces in our living environment which see little or no use, with a new series of upholstered furniture pieces.

The designs each cater to those recognizable but unorthodox positions that we often take on our furniture – sitting on the armrest of a couch, leaning against a higher piece of furniture or curling up in the corner of a sofa.

Created as a new typeface or character-form, together they work as a family. Almost human in shape and with the Hallingdal fabric almost acting as clothing, even when not in use the highly tactile pieces tell a story and invite interaction.

Léon de Lange is a Dutch product and interior designer who lives and works in Utrecht. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, he finds inspiration in observing and ‘reinventing’ the needs of people.

He is a founder of the multidisciplinary collective Kladbok, which was set up to be a design and research platform, regularly presenting ‘open-source’ views on the world. He is currently working on freelance projects.