Bluewaters Island, Dubai

Soft Cells Broadline panels upholstered in Casa
White Cube Studios

Hit the Heights

Ain Dubai is the world’s largest Ferris wheel. The terminal building for this landmark construction integrates a Kvadrat Acoustics solution that elevates acoustic and aesthetic quality.

The solution covers 1125 sqm and incorporates 278 Soft Cells Broadline panels which provide Class A sound absorption. They are crafted in a scale of rectangular, trapezoid, and curved geometries.

Together, the acoustic Soft Cells panels feature 600 custom openings for fixture integration. They offer easy access to the building services while providing the ability to minimise panel joints and seamlessly integrate MEP fixtures.

According to the Dubai authorities, over 9000 tonnes of steel were used to create Ain Dubai – 25% more than the Eiffel Tower. Rising to 250 metres, the observation wheel unites 48 capsules that can accommodate 1,750 visitors. Each ride lasts for 38 minutes.

The Ain Dubai includes a few capsules specifically for dining experiences and six VIP pods for hosting special events. The rim sections are held in place with cables that, in total, measure about 2,400 km in length.