Werkhof Architects
Emch+Berger Architects 

Zurich, Switzerland


A Kvadrat Acoustics solution comprising Soft Cells Broadline panels

All together now

At the KPMG’s sustainably designed Zurich offices, a Kvadrat Acoustics solution elevates acoustic comfort, productivity, and aesthetic quality. The acoustic solution is specified in focus boxes, meeting rooms, and the coffee/ kitchen.

The acoustic solution comprises 930 Soft Cells Broadline panels, which are suspended with flex magnets, Steelcut Trio CS in two tones is used to cover 65% of the panels. The rest are upholstered with Space.

Noemi Otti, Emch+Berger: “The product was chosen because it has good acoustic effectiveness and is also versatile, high-quality, and durable. Durable also in the sense that the textile  can theoretically be replaced, but the substructure remains."

The offices are modern, future-orientated and packed with the latest technology. As the Kvadrat Acoustics solution underlines, they focus on responsible materials, energy efficiency and facilitating togetherness.

Imagery by Vera Hartmann