Best-in-class CO2 performance

We design solutions to reduce pressure on finite resources, accelerate decarbonisation, and drive positive change. Reflecting this, our Soft Cells acoustic panels offer best-in-class embodied carbon performance. They are recyclable and reupholsterable, and due to a patented tensioning mechanism, they are unaffected by humidity and temperature. They last for years and years.

More recycled materials, less CO2 emissions

Increasing the volume of recycled materials in our acoustic panels has reduced their CO2 footprint by 40%. Their outstanding acoustic performance, aesthetic quality, and design flexibility remain as compelling as ever.
- Frames: 82% recycled aluminium
- Acoustic absorbent: 64% recycled mineral wool (29% pre-consumer recycled content / 35% post-consumer recycled content)

Sustainability leadership

The design of Soft Cells panels exemplifies our determination to lead our industry in providing visionary, scalable solutions that reduce society’s CO2 emissions. It also illuminates how we consistently seek to lessen the environmental impact of our products while maintaining their aesthetic, functional and acoustic excellence.