Textile Board

Textile Board is a pre-coated high-density material made from end-of-life textiles and cut offs from Kvadrat. As it comes pre-coated with a melamine surface, it is directly applicable and resilient to wear and tear.

Ideal for horizontal applications, it meets the furniture industry’s highest standards, notably the requirement for category 5 surface resistance (DS / INF 132 1-5).

Designed around Kvadrat Really’s sustainability and circularity principles, it combines its distinctive aesthetic identity with high performance and durability.

All our products come with a standard warranty of 5 years.


The input materials, and hence the colours, have been selected with meticulous consideration of current resource streams. The core of Textile Board is made from end-of-life white cotton from industrial laundries.

The colours are added as an outer layer and is currently available in Cotton White. Please note, minor colour variations may occur. 

Cotton White

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