Organic Basic

Paris, France


Retail space crafted from Textile Board.

Pure purpose

Danish apparel brand Organic Basics has used our Textile Board to create bespoke furniture for a retail space at Le Bon Marché department store in Paris. The material embodies the brand’s commitment to “put sustainability at the centre of everything” and “design everything to last with simplicity and function in mind”

Organic Basics collaborated with Manér Studio – a design duo based in Copenhagen who work with product, furniture and interior design – to create the furniture. It was built by Fredsted, a Danish carpentry team.

The furniture in the bright, light-filled space is in natural, neutral tones to showcase the goods on offer and underline Organic Basic’s sustainability-focused approach. It includes shelving, hangers and display stands that carry messages about the clothing. In addition, a plinth in the centre of the area explains how Textile Board is made using recycled textiles.