Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a New York-based design studio working in furniture, products, interiors and mixed materials. The company was established as an experimental design space in 2011 by Pratt Institute graduates Chen Chen (China, 1985) and Kai Williams (USA, 1984).

Currently operating in the commercial and collectible design markets, Chen Chen & Kai Williams encourages new ways of design thinking. This can be seen in designs ranging from its Stone Fruit planters made in moulds taken from real fruit, to its utilitarian Third Eye Vessels, one of a kind Resin Benches and towering Warp Core floor lights.

Past clients include Études Studio, Baggu and Mission Chinese, while presentations of its work have been held at the Museum of Art and Design, New York, and the Venice Architecture Biennale. The studio also designs products for Tai Ping Carpets, Areaware and Good Thing.