Blossom in Between | KateChungDesign

Textiles are generally used as flat surface coverings: in this collaboration with Kvadrat I attempted a different direction, seeking out another aspect. By folding, stitching, embroidering and flipping, shaped three-dimensional units are created: repeating and layering them forms the beautiful double-sided blossom pattern.

Blossom in Between is a space divider consisting of three pieces that creates two small spaces around the folding area when it opens. Different designs on both sides enable the user to experience two ambiences: one side with ‘blossom + round frame’ gives a flowing and breathable ambience; the other, with ‘blossom + square frame’, provides a private and stable ambience. Lighting from different angles creates layers of lights and shadows that illuminate the beautiful colours and unique character of Canvas.

Kate Chung, born in Taiwan, graduated from Domus Academy, Milan, in 2003. In 2009, after six years working independently, she and Steve Cheng founded KateChungDesign in Hong Kong, relocating to Taiwan in 2011. The studio encompasses diverse areas of development including product design, interior design and graphic design.

Mirroring her works, Chung always achieves the desired designs by adopting a philosophy of simplicity and a firm and steady pace. Seeking a balance between beauty and utility, Chung is constantly searching for creative inspiration in oriental culture, hoping to merge traditional culture with a modern, minimal and stylish approach and to integrate her designs into everyday life.