Our polyester textiles


At Kvadrat, we believe longevity is at the core of sustainable design.
Following our Conscious Design Principles, our polyester textiles are made using only the best raw materials, ensuring they are made to last and have the least possible impact on the environment. 

We are on a journey to become a circular company.
We are steadily transitioning away from virgin polyester to recycled polyester, aiming to offer 85 recycled products by 2025. Derived from post-consumer waste, the recycled polyester we use for several of our upholsteries enables us to have a significantly lower environmental impact and grants us to be responsible in the use of resources. 


Our sustainability strategy

From waste to weave

is the world´s first upholstery textile woven from 100% ocean-bound polyester. It is made exclusively from post-consumer plastic collected no further than 10 km away from coastlines in Thailand

Unlike conventional polyester textiles, which are traditionally flat, Sport has a sophisticated binding that adds tactile multidimensionality to its structure. Sport also offers exceptional colour richness. The design comes in a versatile selection of colourways incorporating a scale of rich, warm and cold accents and neutral notes. These hues give the textile a bold look and enhance the qualities of the ocean-bound polyester.

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Benefits of polyester

Our polyester textiles offer a multitude of benefits, making it a popular choice in various applications, given the intrinsic qualities of this technical fibre.


Made to last

Polyester fibres enable us to design textiles that have exceptional longevity. Unlike other fibres, polyester is resistant to stretching, shrinking, and wrinkling, ensuring that textiles retain their shape and appearance. This longevity is particularly advantageous in high-traffic applications. 

Unique flexibility and colour expression

Polyester fibres are extremely versatile and flexible, with excellent colour vibrancy and lightfastness given the fibre's structure. Catering to diverse aesthetic needs and preferences, our polyester textiles unlock a world of design possibilities. 

Comfortable and durable

Due to their comfortable texture and durability properties, polyester upholstery offers affordability without compromising on quality or aesthetics. 

Flame resistant properties

Polyester textiles have flame-resistant properties. Due to their chemical composition, polyester fibres inhibit the ignition and propagation of fire without the need for additional flame-retardant treatments. 

Easy to maintain

Polyester fibres are capable of withstanding frequent use. Polyester textiles are easy to maintain as it is washable, allowing for effortless cleaning and upkeep, which is ideal for high-traffic applications. 

A sustainable solution

We prioritize using premium raw materials to ensure our polyester textiles' recyclability, to minimize the use of new resources and waste. We produce most of our polyester textiles in Europe with our weaving mills, allowing us to control emissions, waste, and resource utilization.


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Tero Outdoor

Tero Outdoor by Ronan Bouroullec is a subtly graphic upholstery for outdoor environments. This upholstery textile is constructed from post-consumer recycled polyester. It features an environmentally-focused, fluorocarbon-free construction. It provides resistance against chlorine, seawater and artifi¬cial weathering. 


Sone is a unicoloured upholstery textile featuring a subtle graphic design with intersecting fields of linear textures. Constructed by 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, Sone is suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications.

Steelcut Beat

Steelcut Beat, a vibrant iteration of the perennial classic Steelcut, is a durable checked upholstery coloured by Giulio Ridolfo. Crafted according to Conscious Design principles, Steelcut Beat is constructed from recycled yarns and it is suitable for contract and residential use in scenarios where fire-retardancy is not required.