Kvadrat High Performance Textiles

At our production facility in Eibergen, the Netherlands, we produce high quality metallised textiles for indoor solar shading. Kvadrat High Performance Textiles with an aluminium backing enable you to maximise thermal, visual and acoustic comfort. Our metallised textiles offer superior functional performance and longevity. They also facilitate reduced energy consumption and meet the highest standards for safety, sustainability and health.


The scale of this ability is unique in the market. As the leader in metallised textiles for thermal and visual comfort, Kvadrat High Performance Textiles continues its reputation to constantly strive for innovation. This allows us to offer the highest performance in terms of heat and glare control, which in combination with the clearest possible view through, the fabric allows ever more comfortable and sustainable environments within buildings.


The technology

During the production process, an ultra-thin aluminium layer is damped onto the textile. This unique method, strong cohesion and thorough aluminium covering are the fundamentals for producing high-end performance indoor solar shades, without compromising on properties like structure or flexibility.

The production facility

To keep pace with the evolution of architectural design and building technology, we have invested in new production technologies. Until recently, the metallisation of textiles was only possible to a maximum fabric width of 240 cm. We are proud to state that this standard has now moved to a new default width of 280 cm, and as you demand us to continue to be the market leader, we can even achieve a width in excess of 3 meters, up to 320 cm in fact.


In 1963 Cornelis Verolme, the famous Dutch shipbuilder sailed into New York Harbour. He marvelled at the impressive skyline and noticed that most of the buildings had large glass facades. He wondered how difficult it would be to manage the indoor climate.

This particular trip inspired Cornelis to find a solution to this problem. He began experimenting tirelessly with many ideas and concepts. This led to the creation of a new concept – the metallisation of fabrics, which would be used to manufacture blinds and curtains. This new concept made it possible to keep heat and glare outside the building. Regulating the heat and light creates significant energy savings as well as a much more comfortable environment for occupants.

This initial pioneering innovation led to the birth of the company Verosol, composed of the first four letters of Cornelis’ surname VERO and the word SOL, meaning sun. Verosol, the inventor and leading manufacturer of high performance metallised textiles, was added to the Kvadrat family in 2019. Now, the Verosol metallised textiles collection is globally available under the product category, Kvadrat High Performance Textiles.


Kvadrat High Performance Textiles is located in Eibergen, the Netherlands.

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