The Hague, Netherlands


Soft Cells, furniture upholstered in Tonus, hallway curtains in Noon and meeting room curtains in Haze

A reinterpretation of Dutch classics

For this project, architectural studio HofmanDujardin found inspiration in the roots of the existing architecture and translated it into a vibrant concept. This brings the rich colours of the Dutch Masters such as Mondrian and Van Gogh deep into the working spaces.

Soft Cells
 are used to optimise acoustic conditions while furniture is upholstered with Tonus. Curtains made from Noon are employed in the hallways and the large meeting room. Elsewhere, curtains crafted with Haze feature in meeting rooms.

The expressive textured carpets in the main meeting rooms are enclosed by abstract, bright Kvadrat curtains. The furniture is neutrally upholstered to contrast with the colourful surroundings.

We have worked together with Kvadrat for 18 years with full trust and confidence. We enjoy the fantastic quality of service and professionalism they provide. We also value the excellent aesthetic and sustainable qualities of the products in the Kvadrat collection,
 ” Michiel Hofman and Barbara Dujardin, HofmanDujardin.

Over 30 classic paintings were selected on the theme ‘health and leisure’ for the Ministry of VWS in Castalia and on the theme ‘work’ for the offices of the Ministry of SZW in Helicon. To create unique, personal floor patterns, these were enlarged and translated into grids of floor tiles.

As part of a transition to new ways of working, two high-rise buildings in the Hague hosting the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) have been renovated and linked to form one premises: De Resident. A new atrium joins the Castalia building, which hosts the VWS, and the three-tower Helicon building that is home to SZW. New stairs and bridges provide access to the areas where the more public functions of both ministries are located.

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