Studio Aisslinger, Berlin

Stockholm, Sweden

Upholstery textiles: Steelcut Trio, Hallingdal 65, Remix, Mirabel, and Sandvally.
Curtains: Teaser.
Rugs: Kelim.


Hobo Hotel

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Hobo offers its guests an on-trend urban hotel experience. It is designed to foster personal connections between guests, the city and locals. Authenticity, sustainable design and the shared realities that enable personal relationships in a social hub are central to the hotel’s concept – which was developed and implemented by Studio Aisslinger.

Hobo combines guest rooms, open loft-like spaces, easy access to public areas, social seating areas, a communal
bar and a restaurant. The collage-like design theme unites warm, natural textures, tiles, wallpapers and metal finishes, which are connected by colourful fabrics and cosy lighting. In addition to the furniture designed by Studio Aisslinger for Hobo, many pieces were created in collaboration with leading brands. For example, the seating and sofas are from Capellini, while the lighting is by Wästberg.

Several Kvadrat upholstery textiles are used at Hobo: Steelcut TrioHallingdal 65Remix 2Mirabel, and Sandvally in a custom colour. Curtains made with the fabric Teaser and a Kelim rug, both from Kinnasand, also feature at the hotel.

We particularly chose Kvadrat as a partner for our first project in Sweden because of the pleasant yet sophisticated note that their textiles immediately add to any space. And also, because their collection offers endless colour solutions. At Hobo, Kvadrat fabrics play an integral part in helping us to create the atmosphere we aim to achieve,” Werner Aisslinger.

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