Living Well

At Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Kvadrat textiles and a Kvadrat Acoustic solution add colour, texture and wellbeing to campus life. They also contribute towards the architects’ vision of using sustainable, healthy materials throughout the premises.

Woollen Hallingdal is used for the raked seating in the Shaw Auditorium, which can be configured to fit 840 or 1,300 seats. The space combines a sophisticated auditorium with generous social spaces to provide a venue for major events and a 'living room' hub for everyone at the university.

A Kvadrat Acoustic solution is specified in corridors. It comprises Soft Cells Broadline panels, which like the auditorium seating, are upholstered in Hallingdal

Henning Larsen Hong Kong: "We appreciate the collaboration with Kvadrat, given the range of textile products and designs, colour choices and the superior quality. The sustainable aspects of the available fabrics were equally important. Both the supply and installation of the acoustic wall panels were carried out by Kvadrat's local team, which ensured a quality execution on-site according to European standards. Their team supported us from the early design stages in a collaborative spirit.“

The auditorium stands on the hillside in the south of HKUST's Clear Water Bay campus, surrounded by orthogonal buildings: its bold curved form signals the artistic and cultural activities within. It has received a BEAM Plus Provisional Platinum rating.

Copyright Kris Provoost, courtesy of Henning Larsen Architects

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