G-Star RAW


Curtains in Steelcut Trio in custom colour

hilosophy made simple: Just the product! | G-Star RAW

Reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and progress Steelcut Trio is used for curtains in the G-Star RAW fitting rooms around the globe. This matches the look of the stores while allowing privacy when changing in and out of clothes.

The heavy, industrial wool textile from Kvadrat that we use in our fitting rooms perfectly complements the raw nature of the rest of the interior.

G-Star RAW is characterised by functional design, raw, pure materials and strong architectural elements. Furthermore, they are also focused on providing warm, safe and inviting environments for trying on clothes.

G-Star RAW, often simply referred to as ‘G-Star’ is a Dutch urban clothing company specialising in fashion-forward denim apparel. Founded 1989, the company has over 6,500 selling points across the world.

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