OTH architects, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Curtains: Maxi

Spaarne Hospital

Kvadrat textile Maxi is used for curtains and space dividers between patients’ beds at the Spaarne Hospital – a community-based teaching hospital, which is located in the Netherlands. Designed to make a stay as pleasant as possible, the Spaarne Hospital is transparent and friendly. The architect’s concept combines four main colours and is built on themes of light, free choice, nature and art. Reflecting this, the Spaarne Hospital offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, a loft that promotes interaction and peacefulness, and private living rooms. It also incorporates a small palliative care unit.

Curtains made of Maxi are used throughout the hospital. The textile is used in three custom-made colours: green, yellow and orange. A natural base is completed with bold stripes. Each colour has two versions: one used for curtains; another for space dividers between beds. A total of 4,000 square metres was supplied.