Hassell, Australia

Beijing, China

Upholstery textiles: Remix

Temple Restaurant Beijing

The Kvadrat textile Remix has been chosen for the seating at the Temple Restaurant Beijing, part of the boutique Temple Hotel. One of the most impressive dining venues in the city, the restaurant is located within the confines of a 600 year-old temple complex, close to the Forbidden City.

The restaurant is situated in the warren of narrow streets around the Forbidden City. It features a starkly elegant bar and lounge, as well as a cathedral-like main room, where the towering ceiling, full-length windows and minimalist, secluded dining-niches create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere.

The cocktail lounge chairs, stools and dining chairs in the restaurant are upholstered with Remix in orange, yellow, red, and beige. The combination of the vibrant colours and the woollen material brings warmth and a sense of relaxation to the contemporary, simplistic concrete interior. 224 metres of fabric used in total. The seating, which compromises 108 chairs, is designed by MatzForm.

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