Solid Textile Board

Solid Textile Board is a high-density material made from end-of-life textiles and cut offs from Kvadrat. Considering current textile waste streams, the board is made up of cotton and wool as these textiles are typically downgraded in existing recycling processes.

Solid Textile Board can be an alternative to a variety of existing materials depending on the application. In designing the board material, focus has been on making a composite that, through its properties, can replace or even bring additions to existing material offerings and thereby be an honest alternative.

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Colours and materials

The input materials, and hence the colours, have been selected with meticulous consideration of current resource streams. The core of Solid Textile Board is made from end-of-life white cotton from industrial laundries. The colour are added as an outer layer, available in four colours: Cotton White, Cotton Blue, Wool Slate and Wool Natural.

Material 70% textile, 30% bicomponent binder
Thickness 8 mm
Board size 3000 x 1100 mm
Density 1200 kg/m3

Cotton Blue

Cotton White

Wool Slate

Wool Natural

Rethinking processes

Challenging designers and architects to rethink their use of resources, Really starts a dialogue about the shift in perception, process and logistics needed as we grapple with upcycling waste.

Designer Max Lamb brings deep technical knowledge and poetic restraint to material experimentation, always exploiting the natural tendencies of processes and materials in his designs. His series of 12 Solid Textile Board benches demonstrates the possibilities the Solid Textile Board. 

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Customer's own materials

Really offers a corporate fingerprint by exploring the possibilities for incorporating your company textiles into our boards either as surface colours or as part of the materials core.