Anders Engholm, designer

Aarhus, Denmark


Home office solution and armchair made from Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt

How can we integrate monomaterials into modern life, create classic designs, and support positive change? DR1, a leading Danish TV channel, posed this question to talented young designers for the show "The Next Danish Design Classics." As part of this journey of discovery, Anders Engholm crafted a home office solution and an armchair from Really's circular materials.

To meet the brief of "easy to pack away when not in use', Anders Engholm chose Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt to create the innovative, flexible home office solution. Cleverly, the design elevates acoustic quality when used for work and when packed away.

Anders Engholm also used Really materials to answer DR1's request to "create an armchair without using wooden material." Using Solid Textile Board as an alternative to plywood and compressing Acoustic Textile felt into shapes, he created "The Armchair" – a progressive piece that unites sustainability, comfort, and aesthetic quality.

Ultimately, by designing these two solutions, Anders Engholm demonstrated that it is possible to develop elegant, commercially viable solutions made from monomaterials in just three weeks.

Anders Engholm, designer: "Playing around and challenging design and production with new materials creates the feeling of being a pioneer. Plus, using upcycled material in a product emphasises the value and the consciousness of the final product."

Solid Textile Board is a high-density material made from end-of-life woollen and cotton textiles and cut-offs from Kvadrat. Likewise, Acoustic Textile Felt is made from 70% post-production 'waste'. Both materials invite designers to challenge conventional thinking – Anders Engholm's works illuminate the curious possibilities of embracing this challenge