Kīpuka by Leong Leong

Kī.puka - noun. Variation or change of form (puka, hole), as a calm place in a high sea, deep place in a shoal, opening in a forest, openings in cloud formations, and especially a clear place or oasis within a lava bed where there may be vegetation.


Kīpuka is inspired by the Native Hawaiian concept of an ‘oasis’ or a ‘clearing’: a pocket of life that persists within turbulent environmental transformations. A calm patch in rough waters, or vegetation sprung from a lava flow. Taking cues from these natural forms, the Kīpuka project is an adaptable system of objects that transforms domestic spaces into sanctuaries for rest, play and reflection.

The simple shapes can be hung on the wall like a decorative tapestry, laid on the floor or coupled together to create a quiet enclosure. The baffled construction provides a soft, malleable surface for seating that can also be configured into a free-standing privacy screen. Kīpuka brings together different cultural legacies in Leong Leong’s work, combining Minimalism with Native Hawaiian ways of living in connection with the environment.

The selection of Kvadrat’s wool textiles, Twill Weave by Jonathan Olivares and Ria by Raf Simons, brings together patterns and colours that reflect the vibrant landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands. Leong Leong sees Kīpuka as an exploration of how Kvadrat’s sustainable textiles offer new aesthetic possibilities that connect people with the natural world: “Considering the climate challenges we face today, we design our buildings and objects to adapt to the shifting needs of everyday life – ultimately, allowing us to live more with less.

Leong Leong

Founded by brothers Dominic and Chris Leong in 2009, Leong Leong is a New York-based architecture studio and design consultancy whose global work includes buildings, interiors, exhibitions and furniture.

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