Using the new Sahco textile collection Echoes as the main subject, the Sahco brand campaign brings a contemporary yet timeless twist to the brand’s 200 year history.

Created in close collaboration with Peter Saville, the British art director and artist and photographer Jeff Burton, the campaign seems to invite the viewer to notice, or possibly re-assess how they perceive Sahco.

With an innate eye for atmospheric beauty, Jeff Burton photographed the campaign in a Palisades villa, a backdrop exuding old world luxury with grand staircases, ballrooms, chandeliers and baroque décor, in keeping with classical references expressed in the Sahco collections.

Crafting images that tell us more by showing us less, Burton adopts the architecture, furniture and decorative details as constructive elements, but he makes them the protagonists of an elegantly reconstructed desire, arousing the viewer’s fantasy.

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