Salone del Mobile 2022

This year, we will present a spectrum of novelties exploring urban and organic experiences, launching the new Quotes collection of curtains and rugs with an accompanying installation in our showrooms at Corso Monforte.

Showcased through a scenic performance, ‘Forest Wandering´ a collaboration with Front and Moroso, Arda by Front - a knitted upholstery developed by Kvadrat Febrik, will take the stage transforming furniture into pieces of wilderness. Furthermore, an installation exploring our upcycled materials by Kvadrat Really by Patricia Urquiola and a new furniture collection by Studio Wieki Somers for Moroso are set to shed new light on sustainable design.

Corso Monforte, 15 
20122 Milan
7 – 12 June 2022
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 8pm
Sunday, 10am – 6pm


Life is a collage of the natural and the cultural. Quotes, a new high-end residential collection of curtains and rugs, explores this idea. It quotes aspects of lived urban and organic experiences, investigating these interactions through bold graphics and vibrant material dimensions in contrasting colour expressions.

The Untitled series of curtains and rugs translate the iconic language of Alain Biltereyst's paintings into the medium of soft, fluid textiles. They form part of the Quotes collection and will be showcased in a vibrant installation in our showrooms at Corso Monforte during Salone del Mobile.


Arda, a knitted upholstery textile by Kvadrat Febrik, brings the structures, textures, and colours of the great outdoors indoors, recreating colours found deep in the wild. It transforms pieces of furniture into fragments of wilderness and is part of a longstanding research project led by Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren from the Swedish design studio Front in collaboration with Moroso and Kvadrat Febrik.

Arda by Kvadrat Febrik 

To celebrate the launch of Arda, Kvadrat Febrik and Moroso have co-created a scenic installation entitled ‘Forest Wandering´, which will be hosted at Teatro Dei Filodrammatici during Salone del Mobile. Studies show that spending time in nature positively affects well-being, memory, and creativity. Building on this insight, the design approach behind Arda draws on research about the physical and mental health effects of natural settings and their cultural and psychological significance, especially in Front's native Sweden.

Teatro dei Filodrammatici 
Via Filodrammatici, 1
20121 Milano

7 - 10 June,
From 10am to 6pm

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