Steelcut Beat


Steelcut Beat is the latest iteration of the iconic Steelcut. The textile is a durable checked upholstery coloured by Giulio Ridolfo coming into different size checks, ‘ribbon’ and ‘grid’. The vibrant colours in combination with the materiality of the pattern create a distinctive eye-cathing effect.


The textile features the same innovative, intricate binding by Frans Dijkmeijer as Steelcut 3, Steelcut Trio, and Steelcut Quartet. Consequently, it has a precise, rhythmic checked surface, resembling small pyramids or steel points.


Steelcut Beat’s colourways unite ‘intertones’ inspired by Giulio Ridolfo’s life growing up at home in the picturesque Italian countryside. They embody a novel approach to creating harmonious dynamics and explore a scale of deep red, violet and green nuances.

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Steelcut 3

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