explore fibres, materials, volumes through visionary manipulations of yarn dyeing, spinning, and folding techniques. Each design in the collection is infused with refined multidimensionality, resulting from the interaction between different materiality, weaving rhythm, and colours.

Suunta by Studio Truly Truly

Suunta is a knitted upholstery that offers colourways and tactile textures inspired by the rows of blooms in Dutch flower fields. It is designed by Studio Truly Truly.

Naveli by Doshi Levien 

is a pure woollen upholstery textile designed by Doshi Levien with a multidimensional colour expression, inspired by the concept of ‘soft modernism’. In Hindi, Naveli means ‘fresh’, ’new’ and ‘clean’. 

Broken Twill Sheer by Jonathan Olivares

Broken Twill Sheer
is a curtain textile designed by Jonathan Olivares. It is a contemporary interpretation of a classic twill weave, which delicately captures a sense of light and movement.